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How can I contribute?

If you appreciate this project, you can become a registered user and support the software development by making a one time donation. Donations are used towards hosting costs of the website, code signing certificate, hardware and software licenses. You can read here how to become a registered user. Thank you for your support.


Before translating the software to a new language, check if it is not already available. If it is not available or it is outdated, you can easily translate it. The software uses text based ini files which can be opened and edited in any text editor, like Notepad.
▪ Open the software and navigate to the Updates tab.
▪ Check for updates and download en-us.ini file which is always the most recent one.
▪ Once the file is downloaded locally it can be found in the lang subfolder, next to the executable file.
▪ Open the file in any text editor and translate the strings to your language.
▪ Save the file with a new language code, for example fr-FR.ini, switch the language and check the user interface.
▪ Send this file to so that it can be included in the list of available files.

Bug reports

Before you report a bug:
▪ Update to the latest version.
▪ Check the changelog file and see if the bug has been already fixed.
▪ If you can still reproduce the bug, send an email and mention exactly the steps you did, what you expected to have happened, and what actually happened. By providing as many relevant details of your scenario you will increase the chances to find a solution to the problem.

Feature requests

If you have an idea that you feel it will make the product better, send a feature request explaining what this feature should do and it may become reality.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.